Rainhill High School has converted from a Trust School to become an Academy, and lead school, within Rainhill Learning Village Multi Academy Trust. Fact Sheets explaining the process and how it will affect the school is available to the right of this text.

You can download the Consultation Letter to Stakeholders here.

You can download the notes from the consultation with parents here.

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On 2nd November 2016, the Governing Body of Rainhill High School met to discuss the proposed conversion to a Multi Academy Trust. After taking into account, all of the consultation process submissions the Governing Body unanimously made the following decision:

            "Having given proper consideration to:

-  the consultation on the proposed conversion of Rainhill High Schoo to academy status under a multi-academy trust and 

-  the range of comments and views received from those who were consulted on the proposed academy conversion, the Governing Body resolves to;

-  continue with the academy conversion process and

-  submit the draft Articles of Association, Master Funding Agreement and Supplemental Funding Agreement to the DfE for review and approval."