Year 9 Parents Evening


A consultation session for parents of Year 9 pupils is to be held on Thursday 10th May.
The time available for the consultation will be from 4.00pm until 7.00pm.
We are continuing with the appointment system in the hope of using both your time and that of the teachers more efficiently. All staff will be located in the Sports Hall. Your son/daughter can make an appointment with their subject teachers in their planners.

Teachers who teach more than one Year 9 class may not have time available to see all parents who wish to see them. If you are not able to talk to any teacher with whom you consider an interview to have a high priority, we will try to arrange appointments at a later date in school time.

Please keep your discussions with staff concise and relevant. In particular, they must be kept within the five minute time interval allowed. It will, of course, be open to you to return to a teacher seen previously or to go to one with whom you have not made an appointment if you notice that they are not occupied at any time.
Should there be any special difficulties which prevent you from attending on Thursday 10th May if you would like to contact the school office we will try to arrange a mutually convenient time for you to see relevant teachers.

Yours sincerely

Miss J West
Year 9 Progress Leader