Year 8 Options Evening


Dear Parent/Guardian,
A consultation session for parents of Year 8 pupils is to be held on Thursday 8th March 2018. The time available for the consultation will be from 4.00pm until 7.00pm. We are continuing with the appointment system in the hope of using both your time and that of the teachers more efficiently. All staff will be located in the Sports Hall.

Towards the back of the student planner there are some notes pages. Your child can make a record of his/her appointment times on these pages. Due to Year 8 now entering their GCSE option period, this is a crucial time in their education. This Parent Consultation Evening offers a perfect opportunity for you to
discuss progression onto GCSE courses, raise any concerns you may have regarding your sons/daughters education, discuss the recent LP2 results and also provide teachers with the opportunity to provide feedback on your child’s work to date.

Therefore, should there be any special difficulties which prevent you from attending on Thursday 8th March 2018, please contact myself or Mrs Quirk, Year 8 Student Manager, so that an alternative arrangement can be organised.

I look forward to seeing you,

Yours sincerely

Mr T Reilly
Year 8 Progress Leader