Year 11 Sixth Form Science Taster

Year 11 Science students took part in a fun competition called 'Breaking Lab, part of the Science Academy Sixth Form experience. The teams split into three groups, 'No Namers', 'Steve Doggs, and 'Chewy-on-my-Shoey'. 

The experiments were in parts; Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and Biology. Teams battle it out to win, having to complete the set tasks in each part of the competition. To engage our students in a fun but educational Sixth Form taster, tasks were based on the TV series, Breaking Bad. 

The winning team 'No Namers' (pictured with blue medals) stole the win but faced stiff competition from the other teams in each round. Students had a wonderful time!

"I really enjoyed doing something a bit different. The experiments were exciting and like nothing we'd done before. I thought the Breaking Bad theme was brilliant." William
"Everyone was having a laugh but it tested what we knew in each round. I loved it and would do that again." Ben