Allocation for 2016/17 £11, 500.

Expenditure Plans 

Literacy / Reading Intervention at RHS
On entry to Y7 in addition to the SATS resuts, all pupils with reading age Arti score below chronological reading targeted are for intervention. The Accelerated Reading programme has  also used as an intervention to target students who are considerably below their chronological age.
The nurture group is a provision set up to support those students who are making significantly slower progress than their peers. The aim of the nurture provision is to equip students with the relevant literacy skills and resilience towards their learning in order to make accelerated progress with the view of returning to mainstream classes. Students are taught in the same class for English, Literacy, Geography, History and RE. For all other subjects students are in a mainstream class to insure inclusion, they are still generally supported by an SEN TA.
Students in this group follow the same scheme of work and skills as their mainstream counterparts however this is highly differentiated to meet the needs of the class. This is to ensure a smooth transition when they return to mainstream classes.

Students return to mainstream once they have made significant progress towards their end of year target grade and are closely monitored by the SEN team. Mainstream teachers are informed of strategies to help support the student.
Management of targeted support/individualised learning sessions for pupils across all Key Stages via links with Key Stage Managers using allocated lessons and in-school support facilities.  These would be based on KS2 SATS and Arti test results and allow targeted intervention within English.
Targeted pupils withdrawn from non-core subject lessons receive 1 to 1 / small group support from a trained primary teacher and specialist learning support assistant. Lessons follow a clear SoL that builds reading skills, as well as improving all aspects of literacy; including extended writing, and speaking and listening skills. Once the programme of study is completed, pupils are re-tested on their reading.
In addition, small group intervention is in place for targeted pupils at KS3 who also work with a specialist  to further support areas of weaknesses in Literacy. In 16/17 this focussed on 16 pupils across Y8 & Y9.

Expenditure 2016/17


Expected Impact

Est. Cost

Accelerated Reader License and Books


£10, 250

1-1 intervention and small group intervention to aid the Accelerate reading programme for students, who have a RA that is below their chronological age

Increased reading age 

£1, 250

Impact report 2016/17