Who will be crowned Parent Masterchef 2016

Who will be crowned

Parent Masterchef 2016?

Have you got what it takes??

The aim

“To prepare, cook and present a Main course or dessert within the guidelines of The School Food Standards”

How it works

There is a copy of the school food standards provided in this pack. The school food standards are produced by the government and provide caterers with a set of guidelines that are to be met when catering for school pupils.

Examples from within the school food standards are that no salt can be added to any dishes, no more than 2 battered or breaded foods can be served per week, no more than 2 deep fried items per week and no chocolate or confectionary can be used within any menus to name but a few.

We would like you to create a dish, either a main course or dessert, that meets the school food standards and to submit a recipe and evidence of costs for your dish.

All recipes that are entered will be reviewed by a judging panel that will then select the best 6 recipes.

The creators of these best 6 recipes will then be invited to attend the Grand Final Cook Off where they will be asked to produce their proposed dish for a panel of judges including pupils from the school. The winning dish will see its maker crowned Rainhill High School Masterchef for 2016 and the winning dish will find a place on a future school menu.

A few guidelines…

The recipe should be aimed at Secondary School children.

It has to meet criteria set out in the School food standards including no added salt in main courses and no chocolate or confectionary can be used in desserts. Portion sizes must meet those set out in the school food stanrds for secondary school aged children.

The number of portions yielded from the recipe must be stated. 

A list of ingredient costs must be provided.

Finalists will be given 1 hour and 20 minutes to prepare, cook and present their dish for the judging panel.

The important dates…

  • Friday 27th May
    Deadline for recipe submission for the attention of Miss Seddon
  • Friday 10th June
    Selected winners will be notified and invited to ‘The Grand Final Cook Off’
  • Tuesday 21st June
    ‘The Grand Final Cook Off Evening’
    Winner Announced
  • Wednesday 22nd June
    Winner and photographs published on school food website

Good luck and Happy Cooking!!!

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