Trip to Peru

The Summer of '16 saw a group of our more senior pupils take a month long trip to the beautiful South American country of Peru.  Accompanied by PE teachers Mr Wood and Miss Gordon the group embarked on a once in a lifetime trip of sightseeing, cultural activities and community work.

The incredible scenery was as unforgettable as the characters and activities they took part in along the way. The trip started with a visit to the popular town of Cusco before a fascinating week in the secluded village of Moray some 3,800m above sea level. Here the group got to grips with the local dialect and assisted locals building much needed toilet facilities for the families that lived there. This was a really rewarding part of the trip and the charm of Moray is something that will never be forgotten.

The second week of the trip involved the 5 day trek past the Salkantay Mountain and along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, one of the 7 wonders of the world. This was the absolute highlight of the trip and the landscapes and scenery were simply mind blowing. Sure, the walk was tough but it was certainly rewarding. Along the way they walked up to a height of 5,000m over the Salkantay Mountain, saw rare wildlife, drank 100% natural coffee and bathed in the cool lagoons at the foot of the mountains.

The third week was much more relaxing, making chocolate and pottery in Urabamba, visiting Lake Titicaca and the Floating Islands of the Urab Tribe before spending the night on the beach of the Island of Tequile.

The fourth and final week was a really rewarding way to end the trip. They spent 5 nights in a Village called Colca deep in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Here they helped build a nursery for the local children, teach English to the local school and dress up in traditional Peruvian clothing. All in all the trip was amazing. We would like to thank Mr Wood and Miss Gordon for their commitment to the trip, Camps International for their flawless organization and most of all the 11 pupils who went along, who’s behavior was above and beyond our expectations and made the trip truly unforgettable.