The French Connection


On Tuesday 30th January, our partner school from Jarny, near Metz, arrived at school
for the return leg of the first exchange to leave the school in twelve years.

The students from the Lycée Jean Zay were hosted with exceptional hospitality by our
families, who pulled out all of the stops to show the exchange students what life in the
UK is like. The students visited us for a day in school, where they met with some LFC
players and shadowed our students in the afternoon.

We took all of the participants to Anfield, where they had an amazing tour. The
highlight for some of our students was the view of Goodison Park, followed by an
afternoon in Manchester, where our whole team posed with the FA Cup.

We also spent a jam-packed day at the LFC Academy, training with the coaches and
touring their facilities. After the French students spent the afternoon in Liverpool at the
Beatles museum, we hot-footed it over to Kirkby to watch LFC U-18s play against
Stoke. Unfortunately, the luck that we took to Metz with us didn’t come back with the
French contingent (Metz won all of their games whilst we were in France and have
subsequently continued their winning streak)!


The French students left us full of fish and chips, roast dinners and warm memories that
will no doubt last a lifetime.

I would like to thank everyone who helped to make the Exchange such an enriching
experience for our students, especially the host families who made all of our visitors
feel at home.

Mr Herd,
Head of Modern Foreign Languages.