Senior Leadership Team
John Pout Executive Principal
Josie Thorogood Head of School
Tony Cunningham Deputy Headteacher - Director of Studies
Linsay Munro Deputy Headteacher - PDBW   maternity leave 
Jerry Lamb Deputy Headteacher – maternity cover
Wendy Segal Assistant Headteacher - Raising Standards 
Louise Aylward Assistant Headteacher
Nicky Fryer Assistant Headteacher – Students PDBW  maternity cover  
Rob Owens Director of Finance & Operations
David Hemsley Director of Sixth Form
Senior Staff
Erin Bakstad Associate Assistant Headteacher
Andrew Crossley Head of English
RBS Peter Roberts Head of Mathematics
Curriculum Teams
Peter Roberts Head of Faculty
James Rimmer Head of KS3, G&T (Gifted) Coordinator
Jenny Rawsthorne Head of KS5 
Sharon Walker Lead Practitioner for Maths, ITT/NQT Professional Mentor
Michelle Alexander Lead Teacher – developing teaching and learning
Peter Capewell Excellent Teacher
Rebecca Carson
Claire Ellison
Sze Cheung
Joshua Gates
Paul Hunt
Susan Fletcher LFC Link Teacher
David Patterson
Jorden Wignall
Gemma Adair Learning Support Assistant L3 Maths
Joanne Hill EN&MA Clerical Assistant
Andrew Crossley Head of Faculty
Wendy Segal Assistant Headteacher, Raising Standards
Maria Ball Head of KS3  
Claire Dickman Head of KS5 
John Buxton Excellent Teacher, Senior Lead Practitioner
Lauren Jones Excellent Teacher, Lead Practitioner
Nicola Ericson LFC Lead Link Teacher
Lauren Shields Literacy Co-ordinator
Catherine Sharpe LFR Laurissa Farrell
Hannah Pagan ATR Abbie Trotter
Stephanie Lunt Literacy Co-ordinator - maternity cover
Claire Flaherty
Laura Melia
Rose Hughes
Victoria Tyrer Intervention Learning Assistant L3
Joanne Hill EN&MA Clerical Assistant
Kate Robinson Head of Faculty
Lyndsey Gordon Head of Biology    
Mike Beswick Head of Chemistry, Data and Timetabling
Paul Hurst Head of Physics
Nicola Hesketh Head of KS3 Science
Stefan Blackburn
Neil Fairhurst
Devon Hamon 
Rebecca Harper
Patrick McDonnell
Christopher Pownell
Wendy Trelfa
Beth Williams LFC Link Teacher    Year Progress Leader
Jonathan White Senior Science Technician
Lynette Scattergood Science Technician 
Joanne Parkinson Head of Faculty, Head of Geography
Caroline A’Bear Head of History & Politics    Mat leave
Gill Booth RE, Key Stage 3 Progress Leader
Lesley Ann Fleming HI
Emily Foster HI
Helen WoodGG
Susan Jones GG
Jane Marshall HI
Mary McSporran GG
Daniel Procter HI   Head History Maternity cover
Joanne West HI,  Year Progress Leader
Cherry Whitehead Head of Citizenship
Sarah Jenner Head of Faculty, Head of Computer Science
Aaron Cowley CP
Kevin Smith CP
Marc Khanna ICT Network Manager 
Howard Jones Senior ICT Technician
Jack Muscroft ICT Technician
Jonni Papworth Audio Visual Technician & ICT Technician 
Modern Languages
Rob Herd Head of Faculty, Head of French
Erica D’Anna Head of Spanish
Carmen Gomez Spanish with French
Carmel Grace Head of German
Marie Lowrie German with French  part time 
Natalie Murphy French
Social Sciences
Paul Jarvis Head of Social Sciences
Jane Catterall Health & Social Care
Tony Cunningham Law and Business
Rachel Evans Head of Philosophy and Ethics
Prunella Goss Law and Business
Leila Haddad Business Studies with Economics
Faye Mitchell Psychology
Art and Design Technology
Anthony Bennett Head of Faculty and Visual Art.
Sharon Bolland Head of Food
Laura Goodwin Second in Art Department
Kelly Cook Curriculum Co-ordinator, Fashion Construction
Christopher Downes ARTX 
Megan Brooks DT Food    
Rachel Thomas AR 
Laura Simms AR
Stuart Grose CDT 
Benjamin Lunt ADT Technician
Performing Arts
Louise Aylward Assistant Headteacher    DA
Sophie Renison       Head of Performing Arts and Drama 
Sarah Critchley Head of Media
Rachael Devlin MU
Claire Haselden DA 
Rachael Mellor DA/DR
Michelle Speers DR 
Physical Education
Erin Bakstad Head of Faculty 
Yacine Rachi Head of KS3 and Vocational, Second in Faculty, 
G&T (Elite Performer) Coordinator Community Use 
Yasmin Burgess
Roisin Colleary   
Martin Galland
Nicky Fryer Key Stage 4 Progress Leader
Jerry Lamb
Linsay Munro
Michael Wood Year Progress Leader
Cherry Whitehead Head of Citizenship
LFC Rainhill Staff
Nicola Ericson Lead Tutor, English
Sue Fletcher Maths
Beth Williams Science
Nicky Fryer PE
Lead Practitioners
John Buxton Senior Lead Practitioner
Michelle Alexander
Faye Mitchell
Lauren Jones
Sharon Walker
Additional Needs
Liz Bradshaw SEN & Lead Safeguarding Manager
Jenna Pilkington Learning Support Co-ordinator
Lorna Bailey Classroom Support Assistant 
Natalie Barton Classroom Support Assistant 
Astrid Bentham Classroom Support Assistant 
Debbie Boardman Classroom Support Assistant
Beth Crowther Classroom Support Assistant
Michael Irwin Classroom Support Assistant 
Julie Jones-Murray Classroom Support Assistant 
Nina Martin Classroom Support Assistant 
Keith Morris Classroom Support Assistant 
Slavena Nikolova Classroom Support Assistant 
Paul Robson Classroom Support Assistant 
Sue Whatham Classroom Support Assistant 
Victoria Tyrer Intervention Learning Assistant L3
Cover Supervisor
Joanne Tasker Cover Supervisor
Pastoral Team Leaders
Key Stage Progress Leaders
Nicky Fryer       Key Stage 4 
Gill Booth       Key Stage 3 
Year Progress Leaders
Gill Booth Year 7
Beth Williams Year 8
Michael Wood Year 9
Jo West Year 10
Nicky Fryer Year 11
Year Student Manager
Lily Martin Year 7 Student Manager
Natalie Gordon Year 8 Student Manager
Vicki Quirk     Year 9 Student Manager
Helen Foster        Year 10 Student Manager 
Fiona Seddon Year 11 Student Manager
Angela Healey Pupil Premium Students - Support Manager
Sixth Form
David Hemsley  Director of Sixth Form
Alison Anders       Sixth Form Year Student Manager
Joanne Morrell Sixth Form Learning Mentor
Nikki Hughes Admin Assistant - Sixth Form
Prunella Goss  Sixth Form PSHE/Tutorial
Heads of House
Perseverance Natalie Murphy
Rocket Sarah Critchley
Sans Pareil David Patterson
Stephenson Nicola Looker

Support Staff

Senior Support Staff Team
Rob Owens Director of Finance & Operations 
Karen Kearns Finance Manager
Alison Mawdsley HR Manager, Clerk to Governors/Trustees
Loraine Potter Office Manager, PA to SLT
Ben Simpson Marketing Manager
Marc Khanna ICT Network Manager
Pam King Data and Assessment Analyst
Andy Lownsbrough Site Manager
Finance, Site and Community
Karen Kearns Finance Manager
Janice McDermott Finance Assistant
Michael Tallant Community Development Officer
Andy Lownsbrough Site Manager
Thomas Crehan Caretaker
Martin Sweeney Weekend Caretaker - part time 
Paul Warrener Caretaker
Alison Mawdsley HR Manager, Clerk to Governors/Trustees
Ben Simpson Marketing Manager
Network Support
Marc Khanna ICT Network Manager 
Howard Jones Senior ICT Technician
Jack Muscroft ICT Technician
Jonni Papworth Audio Visual Technician & ICT Technician 
Data, Exams and Assessment
Pam King Data and Assessment Analyst
Louise Morris Examinations and Data Assistant part time 
Rob Leyland Examinations and Data Assistant part time
Loraine Potter Office Manager/PA to SLT
Jeanette Rigby Lead Admin Assistant
Joanne Fossard Admin Assistant - Receptionist
Deborah McGowan Admin Assistant - Attendance Officer 
Nikki Hughes Sixth Form Admin Assistant
Emily Fox Admin Assistant 
Rob Leyland Admin Assistant
Helen Coulthard Clerical Assistant
Joanne Hill EN&MA Clerical Assistant
Kyle Donohue Reprographics Assistant
Midday Supervisors
Linda Hilditch
Joyce McElroy
Barbara Whittaker
Anne-Marie Knowles