School Meals Price Increase

A recent letter to the Executive Principle, Diane Gilchrist, Principal Accountant for Schools, states that "In setting the budget for 2018/19 the Council made a commitment to increase charges in line with inflation. This will result in increased charges for meals in order to ensure that budgeted levels of income are achieved. The new charges, which are to be implemented from 1st September 2018, will be set to achieve an overall increase in income of 2.5%, though individual cafeteria items will be subject to different levels of increase depending on how demand for those items is likely to be affected.
You may wish to give advanced notice to parents and pupils of this increase in your newsletter, prior to the start of the next academic year."
This means that free school meals will have the value £2.45 and individual items in the cafeteria will have an increased charge of 2%