School Address 

Rainhill High School
Warrington Road
L35 6NY
Please address any general enquiries to Mrs Loraine Potter.



When you call Rainhill High School on 01744 677205, you will be greeted with an automated system where you can then dial the extension number of the person you would like to speak directly. Alternatively, you can speak directly with the main school receptionist: Mrs Joanne Fossard (Mon-Thurs) or Mrs Joanne Hill (Friday).

At lunchtimes (and certain times of the school day) receptionist duties may also by carried out by either Mrs Jeanette Rigby, Mrs Debbie McGowan, Mr Robert Leyland or Miss Emily Fox. 


+44 (0)1744677205


Email Address

Click Here to Email The School Directly    


Senior Staff

Executive Principal: Mr. J Pout. BA (Hons), MEd, NPQH

Senior Deputy Head: Mrs Josie Thorogood BSc (Hons), NPQH

Chair of Governors: John Boyer


Local Area Authority

LEA: St Helens (+44(0)1744 456000)


Timings of the Day

Morning start 8:55am - finish 12:20pm 
Afternoon start 1:10pm - finish 3:10pm