New Head Boy & Girl


Rainhill High School has a new Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputy Prefect Team. 


The Head Boy and Girl of the school are responsible for managing the whole of the Prefect Body, ensuring that all duties are carried out correctly and that the Prefect Body are the ultimate role models for all other pupils in the school. Duties of the Head Boy and Girl will consist of representing the school at local and national events as ambassadors for the school, and they are an integral part of the induction process for the new Year 7’s in September. The Head Boy and Girl are key to all major events that the school is involved in such as organising Open Evenings and Parents Evening, taking parents and pupils on tours of the school and generally welcoming visitors to the school. As ambassadors for the school, the Head Boy and Girl ensure that all pupils views are represented and listened to by coordinating student voice for a wide range
of school issues from teaching and learning to school dinners.

The selection process for all candidates who applied was very thorough. This year the quality and leadership shown by all candidates was exceptional and it was a privilege to be part of this process. All candidates submitted a letter of application and presented before the whole Prefect Body of 120 prefects, Mr Pout, Mrs Thorogood, Miss Corless and Miss Fryer, before finally being shortlisted for a formal interview.

It was a very difficult process to appoint both Head Boy and Head Girl as all candidates were outstanding in every part of the interview process. I am delighted and proud that Kieran Smith has been appointed as Head Boy and that Libby Addy has been appointed Head Girl. The deputies are a quality team for the Head Boy and Girl to work with and the Deputy Team consist of Sam Maddison, Carys Myers and Maddie Smiles. The standards set around school and their track records both in and out of school for leadership and community work is exceptional and they are a credit to our Rainhill family.

As Year 11 handed over the prefecting roles to Year 10, all prefects have done a fabulous job in ensuring that they continue the smooth running of the Prefect Body and the school. We wish you luck in your new roles. We are very proud.

Miss Corless, Y1 Progress Leader & Miss Seddon, Year Student Manager