Mental Health Awareness Week 8-13 May

Mental Health Awareness Week There are at least 850,000 children & young people in the UK with a diagnosed mental health condition and that figure is rising. During this week at school, we will be giving pupils the opportunity to discuss risk factors to mental ill health. We will also be introducing them to health-building elements using the Wheel of Resilience. This will help to equip our students with the tools to cope with the changing challenges of growing older. Stay in Play Our pupils will all receive a 1-hour presentation, this will cover the following topics: • Why do we need this training? • Facts and Figures and stigma • What do we mean by good mental health?

Understanding Anxiety and Depression • Building Resilience (including the five ways to wellbeing) • What can you do when it’s you The presentation is designed & partly delivered by Walter Brennan who is a mental health specialist. However, it is also delivered by Saints Cheerleaders, Mental Health Ambassador and Academy players. This gives young people a greater connection with young role models who share their own stories on fear and anxiety and how they overcome them, In addition, we will have workshops taking place that offer techniques to ensure that our young people develop life skills which are invaluable for the future of their positive mental health and wellbeing. 

These will consider • Positive thinking • Anxiety Management • Stress Management • Effective communication 

As a school, we are developing our support of young people in these areas and recognise that pupils need to be given the tools to succeed in life. It is important that in partnership with parents we provide the support they need to participate fully in activities to promote their physical, social and emotional well-being. Parents' guide If you’re open about mental health, you can show your children that it’s ok to be open and talk about mental health problems. There are three simple things you can do: 1. Be open and talk about mental health 2. Let your child know that just being there for their mate can make a big difference 3. Share one or more of the films on the above website  

All year groups will receive an assembly on the theme of developing resilience. This is called  'State of Play'  and is led by Walter Brennan and discusses how young people can develop their resilience so they can cope with the challenges that life throws at them. It is supported by St Helens Rugby League Academy and involves their cheerleaders and young academy players taking part.It has been seen by other young people in the St Helens area, and it has been commented that a strength of this is that  'these are people that the pupils can relate to, delivering such an important message in a way that makes it so open.. ' Pupils from other schools have commented:
“ This was very  helpful.”
“ The workshop was amazing!!! Love the Cheerleaders’
“ Maybe talk about the websites a little bit more.”
“ I liked the players most of all.”
“ Thank you for the course I learnt a lot."