Letter from Chair of Trustees

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you know, Rainhill High School is the best performing school in St Helens and Knowsley and one of the best in the Liverpool City Region. This does not come about by accident. Rainhill is well led, it has excellent teachers and provides first class pastoral care. The culture of the school, rightly, expects the best of everyone. The school puts a great deal of emphasis on its values, principles of respect, tolerance and celebrating diversity.

As a result, I believe, Rainhill produces pupils with the ability to be good citizens. Numerous independent agencies have confirmed that the students are safe at Rainhill High School.
Children are children and need the space and time to grow up. Like us all, they make mistakes. What is important is they learn from these mistakes and are able do this at school away from the glare of media intrusion.

This is sometimes very difficult in an era of sensationalist reporting, of unregulated social media and ‘false news’. Rainhill High School is a very stable school. Its exam results are consistently very good, it is extremely popular both in Year 7 and the Sixth Form and provides excellent personal development and welfare for its students.

In the austere times we live in there are significant pressures on all public sector spending. Rainhill is not exempt from this. However, the astute leadership of the school is managing this extremely well.

Rest assured, as Trustees and Governors, we will continue to be extremely rigorous in ensuring the school continues to provide a safe environment and first class education for your children.

John Boyer
Chair of Trustees