Holocaust Memorial Day 2018




This year’s theme nationally was ‘The Power of Words’. Our pupils were given an opportunity to reflect on how words can be used for good or for evil. They were reminded that the Nazis used propaganda to incite ordinary people to persecute Jews and others. They deliberately used negative words and images in newspapers, films, school textbooks to build and reinforce negative stereotypes to label Jews and other groups, whip up negative feelings and promote ideologies. Critical voices wanting to stand up to the Nazi regime were silenced- often imprisoned or killed.

Pupils heard about the experiences of LFC Academy players who visited Auschwitz last October, they watched clips of survivors testimonies and listened to poems ready by Lily, Holly, Natasha, Rebeca, Olivia, Max, Ellis, Lucy and Owen from Year 7.

At the end of the assembly, pupils were asked to write down the most powerful words that had been said to them.

Mrs Ayre

Head of Life Skills