The school has chosen Owen Adams and Olivia Draycott as Head Boy and Head Girl for 2017/18.

First and foremost, the Head Boy and Girl of the school are responsible for managing the whole of the Prefect Body, ensuring that all duties are carried out correctly. The Prefect Body are the ultimate role models for all other pupils in the school. In addition to this, the Head Boy and Girl will represent the school at local and national events as ambassadors for the school and they are an integral part of the induction process for the new Year 7s in September.

The Head Boy and Girl are key to all major events that the school is involved in such as organising Open Evenings and Parents’ Evenings; speaking at major events; taking parents and pupils on tours of the school and welcoming visitors. As ambassadors for the school, they will ensure that all students’ views are represented and listened to by coordinating the student voice for a wide range of school issues from teaching and learning to school dinners.

The selection process for all candidates who applied was very thorough. This year the qualities and leadership shown by all candidates were exceptional and it was a privilege to be part of this process. All candi- dates submitted a letter of application and presented before all 180 prefects, Mr. Pout, Mr. Reilly, Mrs. Martin and myself before finally being short-listed for a formal interview. It was a very difficult process to appoint both Head Boy and Head Girl as all candidates were outstand- ing. Congratulations to all of the senior team.

Miss Fryer
Key Stage 4 Progress Leader

The Deputies

The Deputy Team are:

  • Ben Coulthard

  • Dom Wealleans

  • Erin May

  • Faith Thompson

  • Heather Austin

  • Jamie Lavin

  • Kate Wilson

  • Libby Howarth

  • Stasia Sharples

  • Will Spilsbury