A foreword from the chair of Governors, Steve Anderson.

The Governor's at our School act as a 'critical friend'. We are responsible for ensuring that a high quality of education and performance is achieved and maintained. Governors give their time voluntarily to support the School in helping to reach its goals and we make collective decisions about planning school improvement and development.

Our aim is to make Rainhill High the best School it can possibly be and in helping achieve this aim we are committed to providing an environment that helps every student reach their full potential. I want to create opportunity and increase options for every Student during their time at Rainhill

Steve Anderson
Chair of Governors

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  Mr John Pout (Headteacher)
  I started as Headteacher here at Rainhill High School in 2004.  Prior to that, I was Headteacher at Westleigh High School, in Wigan, for 5 years.I love working at Rainhill.  This is because the students are polite, friendly, hardworking and respect all others, regardless.  The staff are incredibly talented and very committed.  We have some of the best teachers in the country working at Rainhill.The Governing Body contains highly intelligent and successful local people.  They are volunteers who are committed to working with me to make Rainhill the best school in the Country.

My philosophy of leading the school can be summed up as follows:
  • We should provide the best for our students
  • We should expect the best from everyone
  • We listen
  • We should continually improve
  • We take decisions based on what is best for the students
  • We tell the truth
  Mr Peter Roberts

I became a staff governor so I could contribute to the continued growth of the school and ensure that staff views were taken into consideration when any major changes are proposed. I have been a staff governor of a large secondary school previously and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.



  Mr David Boyer  
  I have been an active Governor at the school for over 10 years. I attended Rainhill High myself and am very grateful for the excellent education I received and consequently have only been too pleased to put time and commitment back into the school. I really enjoy working with staff, fellow governors and the local education authority to ensure the best possible education and outcomes for all students at the school. I have two children who attend Eccleston Lane Ends and look forward to them coming to Rainhill High.  In my day life I am a Chartered Civil Engineer working in Local Government.  
  Mr Mark Sanderson  
  I have served as a Governor at Rainhill High School for over 10 years and am extremely proud of the progress our School has made in that time. My children attended the School and the education and support they received gave them the foundation for going on to University and their careers.Being a Governor has enabled me to give something back and to contribute to Rainhill’s development. It’s great to have the opportunity to work with people (Leaders, Teachers, Support Staff and Governors) who are passionate and dedicated to improving the School and to providing all of our Students with a great education and a strong foundation for their futures. 
  Mrs Sylvia Thomson
  I have two children who currently attend Rainhill High School. Having worked in education for the last 20 years, I have an up to date knowledge of current educational issues and how these can impact on the work of a school. It is important to support the work of the Leadership Team in their drive for improvement whilst also evaluating and analysing key decisions to ensure the most productive outcomes for all students.
  Mrs Sharon Roberts
  I have always taken a keen interest in the education system as preparing young people for their future both academically and socially, I feel is a fundamental role and is all our responsibility. After an extensive search over a period of 9 months, myself and my husband looked for a school which would meet my son's needs. Rainhill High offers so much to pupils and I feel parents have a sense that their children are being prepared for adult life to a high standard. I come from a health background with extensive experience in the standards for education for pre-registered students. My role includes quality assurance measures which I ensure are meet within the organisation.
  Mr Ged Rooney
  As a Parent Governor at Rainhill High School, I have enjoyed working with the Staff and Governors to help them achieve fantastic academic results and be considered as one of the top 100 improving schools in the country. I've been directly involved in the appointment of key staff, improvement of facilities and services within the school, and control of budgets and finance during these difficult times. I have a Daughter in Year ll and a Son in Year 8. I am a Director of a Construction Company that specialises in building new schools and colleges across the Northwest, and also manage a Junior team for Rainhill Utd..
  Mr Barry Makepeace
  As parent governor I am actively involved in all committees, and have put a lot of personal time to provide support to ensure development and success at Rainhill High.I am proud of the school and the dedication given daily from the staff and continued effort from the children, and as a professional engineer I understand the importance of high standards of education. As a family man with four children, I am delighted with my older boys GCSE results and look forward to see what my younger children achieve through the school.
  Mr Duncan Sharpe
I am lucky that I love my job and am just completing my 30th year in teaching. As well as helping Pupils achieve at Maths GCSE, my role as Curriculum Deputy in a Secondary School is enjoyable and rewarding. I have been a Parent Governor for nearly 14 years, firstly in St Ann’s and then for the last 7 years at Rainhill. As well as attending meetings of the Full Governing Body, Performance Review Group, and Achievements and Standards Committee, I am also Chair of the Finance Committee. I am an active Governor ready to question and support the Leadership Team. Having listened to the decision making process I have one key thought when voting on an issue. Will this lead to improvements for Pupils of the School? Thanks to the support and encouragement of the School I have one son at University, another studying A levels and my youngest enjoying his courses at the start of GCSEs. 
  Mrs Maureen Mellor
  I have worked in schools and further education for 30+ years. My final role was as Principal of a large college of further education. Following my retirement in June 2011, I wanted to continue my involvement in education on a voluntary basis and so applied to be a school governor.
  Mrs Carol Gordon  
  I believe that I could offer a great deal to Rainhill High School as a school governor both personally and professionally. I have lived in Rainhill for four years and I have always taken an interest in the local community.  I am a Registered Children’s Nurse and a Registered Specialist Community Public Health Nurse in School Nursing. In my current role as Practice Education Facilitator for Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust, I work with the healthcare workforce across all professions in a community NHS setting.

As a school nurse I gained a lot of experience in following safeguarding procedures and, in 2010, I completed a masters level module about protecting children and young people. I have a particular interest in public health and have just completed a Master of Science programme in Public Health Science. I believe my knowledge of the healthcare system and public health would be useful to the governing body and the school as a whole.
  Mrs Helen Burton  
  I have previously experienced the role of Parent Governor on a slightly smaller scale at St Ann’s CofE Primary School, during which time I also sat on the Personal Development of HR Committees. 
As a member of Girl Guiding UK for the past 20 years and having ran a Brownie Group in Rainhill for the past 16 years. I am also a qualified Duke of Edinburgh Leader and assist Guide units in Rainhill on their expedition walks as part of their Bronze DofE Award. Within both of these roles I actively keep up to date regarding Safeguarding, Inclusion and Equality and Diversity Legislation. 

I have lived in Rainhill for around 25 years, my children attend St Ann’s CofE Primary School (Year 4) and Rainhill High School Media Arts College (Year 7). As a governor, I hope to contribute towards the future of Rainhill and its community and how Rainhill High School Media Arts College can be an active part of this.
  Angela Afflick
I wanted to be a parent governor, not just to act as a ‘critical friend’ to help the school build on its successes, but also to challenge and help the school progress further. Parent voice is an integral part of the strategic improvement of a school and I would try to be an objective representative of all parents. I  am currently an acing headteacher/safeguarding officer in a primary school so can offer areas of expertise as well as an understanding, enthusiasm and commitment to help Rainhill High continue to flourish and ‘Reach for the Sky’ 
  Simon Collier
As a Royal Air Force Pilot for 20 years and, for the last decade, a senior training captain and manager with a large airline I have been responsible for training and mentoring people from all walks of life, often with limited resources. I remain passionate about training and ensuring everyone achieves all that they are able to. I believe that my skills and experience could be beneficial to students and staff at Rainhill High and would endeavour to assist both in any way whenever I could.
  Mr Steve Anderson (Chair of Governors)

As Chair,  I work in partnership with the Headteacher, and with my fellow Governors we are responsible for driving School improvement and ensuring that the School achieves the aims and ambitions it has for all of it’s Students.

I have been a Governor at the School since 1998 and my aim was to provide an environment, in that each and every child is encouraged to achieve the best they possibly can. As Governors we see how the School operates, what it does well and where it needs to improve. Both my children attended Rainhill and both flourished in a safe and supportive environment.

I love to attend School events for which I am always inspired by the commitment shown by our Teaching Staff and of course by the considerable talent shown by our Students. On a personal front I am married to Hilary and have 2 sons. I am also a volunteer with the British Heart Foundation and work as Programme Manager for a digital web agency in Leeds.
  Mr John Boyer (Vice Chair)
  I have been an active Governor at Rainhill High School for over 10 years and was extremely pleased to be elected as Vice Chair in 2008.As an ex pupil I have always been interested in how I could help with the School’s continued development and success.Both my children attended the School and are both following successful careers after a sound grounding provided by the School.My father also taught at the Rainhill High, so the family in one way or another, have been involved for over 35 years.
Mrs Josie Thorogood Associate Governor/Senior Deputy Headteacher - Raising Standards
Mrs Linsay Munro Associate Governor/Deputy Headteacher - Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare
Mr Tony Cunningham Associate Governor/Deputy Headteacher - Director of Studies
Mr Rob Owens Associate Governor/School Business Manager
Mr Richard Edge Associate Governor/Executive Head of English
Mr Jerry Lamb Associate Governor/Behaviour
Mrs Wendy Segal Associate Governor/Executive Head of English