Eamonn McManus Visits Rainhill High

Eamonn McManus, owner of St Helens Rugby League Club and leader of St Helens Regeneration, came into Rainhill High School to mentor some school leaders of tomorrow. 

Rainhill run multi-layered leadership development programmes.  One of which is their Aspirant Leaders Course. 
The aspirant leaders listened to Mr McManus’s career history in banking and law, his love for Saints and his vision for the future of St Helens.  This included job creation and the redesign of the town centre. 
The aspirant leaders then had a question and answer session where they asked him about team building, developing and articulating a vision, leadership styles and changing how people work. 
John Pout, Rainhill’s Executive Principal says
“To have someone of Eamonn’s stature contributing to our leadership development programme is excellent.  His wisdom and experience was really useful to help our talented staff to get even better.  He is one of many outstanding leaders that St Helens as a town have produced over the years. He is an inspirational leader that all Saints fans and St Helens residents can be proud to have on our side.”