BBC Breakfast


Some of the children said that 5:15am only existed when they need to go to an airport on holiday!

Yet at 5:15am on Monday 18th June, Rainhill High School was a hive of activity with the BBC Breakfast outside broadcast crew in school getting ready to broadcast. The BBC had a satellite production van, a producer, a camera man, a production assistant (in charge of the giant mug) and Graham Satchell the reporter.

The BBC wanted to come to the school because of the partnership with Liverpool FC, the opening game of the World Cup and Trent Alexander-Arnold (and say this quietly, because he is now with City) and Raheem Sterling being former pupils.
Last minute arrangements were made to ensure all those students who had represented the school at football – girls and boys, plus some tennis and netball students were present at school early in the morning.
Thank you to their parents for getting them here on time.
The live Filming started at 6:50am with Miss Ericson and Mr Pout setting the scene in the LFC building. By 7:20am, they were on the Astro with our pupils chanting “C’mon England” and trying to kick a football into a giant BBC Breakfast Mug.













Just before 8am, the best bit took place, a heading competition with the Y10 football team. Two pupils got the ball in the mug which resulted in a giant ‘pile on’.
Finally, after a short break for breakfast, just before 9am a closing shot of more heading and chanting. The children then went to lessons, the PE teachers (who had been setting up at 6am) went to teach and the BBC jumped into their van and taxis and sped off.
Well done to all the children and staff. A great time was had by all.