Application for Rainhill Sixth Form Centre

After you have filled out this form and have clicked 'submit', please note that the following message will appear on your screen: Thank you for completing your application to Rainhill Sixth Form Centre.

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    Pick a dates.
  • Please state no more than 5 subjects you wish to study at Rainhill 6th Form Centre. Please order by highest to lowest priority.

  • Please list GCSE subjects you are currently studying followed by your predicted grades

  • Briefly, please give further information about yourself, you should comment on your extra-curricular activities, the contribution you will be able to make to sixth form life and what plans you have for your post-18 career.

  • Please tell us if you have any special educational support needs e.g. Dyslexia

  • Please let us know if you have a medical condition that we should be aware of.